Vial Inspection Machine

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Vial Inspection Machine

Vial Inspection Machine

Vitro Pharma Machine provides Vial Inspection Machine which is used for inspecting vial for breakage & cap sealing & is carried out visually.

Vial Inspection Machines offers a compact and streamlined design with advanced technology for the inspection.

Salient Features

  • High capacity due to short transport time and simultaneous inspection of 6/5/4/3/2 Objects depending on the size of the object.
  • The simple design allows easy change of object holder spacing to enable the machine to handle large objects.
  • Absolute secure guidance and holding of the object by a very efficient mechanical system.
  • The good objects are discharged in a group.
  • A quick change of size parts and easy to clean.
  • Best illumination system.
  • The rotation velocity is infinitely variable.
  • Sturdy and simple construction consciously avoiding all elements that need frequent repair.
  • Discharge chute for customer's own magazine.
  • A machine can be in a line connected with an existing sealing & labeling machine.
  • Digital counter for infeed and ejected vials.
  • Microprocessor based logic controllers for Rejection failsafe alarm.


Technical Data
Working Range Of Objects And Output Of Models Model Maximum Size Maximum Output
6 Objects upto 18.00 mm dia x 150 mm height 85/ min
5 Objects upto 22.50 mm dia x 150 mm height 72/ min
4 Objects upto 28.00 mm dia x 140 mm height 60/ min
3 Objects upto 38.00 mm dia x 130 mm height 45/ min
2 Objects upto 55.00 mm dia x 125 mm height 28/ min
Amplification 1 : 1 : 54
Power Required 0.75 KW approx
Electrical connection 230/240 V, 50 cycles, Single/ Three phase
Working Height Height upto turn table : 1100 mm
Height upto middle of lens : 1140 mm
Discharge chute height : 1160 mm
Transport Direction From left to right
Dimensions 2000 (l) x 1000 (b) x 1650 (h)
Net Weight approx : 800 kgs

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