Cream Filling Machine Manufacturer


Cream Filling Machine Manufacturer

Cream Filling Machine

Vitro Pharma Machine provides Filling Machine Creams, Paints, Emulsion, Adhesives, Lotion, Balms, Gums. This Cream Filling Machine has high-speed automatic multi-head for filling gel, ointment, shaving cream, moisturizing cream, paste, wax polish, grease, jam and sauce in small plastic or tin containers or jars and bottles which is widely used in industry.

Filling Machine for Creams, Paints, Emulslons, Adhesives, Lotion, Balms, Gums.


  • Excellent performance.
  • Easy adjustments of quantities.
  • A positive cut-off value for drip-free fillings.
  • Can handle products of different viscosity in jars, containers and bottles of various shapes and sizes.
  • Output up to 2000 containers/hr.
  • Power input 0.75 K.W.

Other models for

Totally automated filling and coding system for higher output.

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