Tunnel Type Bottle Washer

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Tunnel Type Bottle Washer

Tunnel Type Bottle Washer


Vitro Pharma Machine provides Tunnel Type Bottle Washer which is most ideal for Round Bottles and finds wide application in Pharma & Food Industries.

The automatic loading arrangement facilitates loading of bottles on to SS wire mesh conveyor through feed conveyor or bottles which pushed manually from the feed table. This saves personnel as bottles are feed into pockets automatically. The automatic unloading mechanism consists of unloading bottle on to a wire mesh conveyor which continues on to turntable.

Three cycle rinsing allows flexibilities of various wash cycles such as fresh water, demineralized water etc. as per the rinsing requirement of the bottle. All the pumps square measure manufactured from SS and all the water contact parts are made of SS 304 on a heavy base of MS painted structure.

The total rinsing cycle is smooth and limit switches/sensors are built at each stage to sense bottle reversal or bottle obstruction and stop the machine.


  • The whole machine is covered with a stainless-steel plate.
  • Imports of special folders into bottles of plastic bottles and non-recycled glass bottles.
  • Single-stage cleaning or change to meet the needs of multi-segment and bottle cleaning.
  • The tanks can be easily removed for cleaning after every shift.
  • Customized hot water cleaning combined with the heating tank.
  • This machine is applicable to plastic bottles, glass bottles a wide range of irregular bottle type.
  • Easy to operate and easy maintenance.

Technical Specification

Technical Specification
Head 24 X 8
Max. Output/Hour 4000 to 12000 / hr. (2200 liter filling/hr)
Input Specification 30mm to 90mm diameter, 100 mm to 300mm height
Machine 2650mm L x 1600mm W x 2200 mm H
Filling Capacity 100ml to 750ml
Power Rating 3 HP for main drive, ½ HP for Orienting & 2 HP
Power requirement 415 Volt, 3 Phase, 50 hz. 5 core wire system
Machine Weight 2500 Kgs Approx

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