Cream Manufacturing Plant Machines


Cream Manufacturing Plant Machines

Cream Manufacturing Plant

Vitro Pharma Machine provides Cream Manufacturing Plant / Ointment Manufacturing Plants which are manufactured from S.S. 316 grade stainless-steel sheets and square measure cGMP compliant construction.

The vessels are Jacketed, insulated and are suitable with agitator assembly in each vessel.


Wax is melted in a wax melting vessel where the water is heated in a water heating vessel. Both wax and water are transferred into the producing vessel mechanically through the vacuum. In the Cream Manufacturing vessel, both wax and water are homogenized to make a uniform emulsion and cooled by passing chilled water into the jacket of manufacturing vessel. Later, active ingredients or colors are added and thoroughly mixed & homogenized. When Ointment / Cream is ready, the same is transferred by bump pump into the storage vessel & automatically transferred into the filling machine by means of a metering pump from the storage vessel. The flow rate of a Metering pump set as per your tube filling machines speed and capacity.


  • Mixing, dispersing and homogenizing in one operation
  • The large variety of products due to the highly flexible dispersing and homogenizing system
  • Fast product change over
  • Sterile production corresponding to GMP regulations
  • High capacity with the minimum space requirement
  • Fully automated

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