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Automatic Rotary Bottle Washer

Automatic Rotary Bottle Washer


Vitro Pharma Machine provides Automatic Rotary Bottle Washer which is a compact and highly efficient machine with an elegant look. The bottles are loaded on the subsequent indexing part of the rotating platform and are cleaned in a series of operations. This Automatic Rotary Bottle Washer is specially designed for bottle holders to hold bottles with neck diameter. The bottles placed in an inverted position in these cup-shaped holders and spray showers which do the external cleaning of the bottles.


  • The sequence of washes to customer's choice.
  • Easy and Long operational life.
  • Stationary nozzles eliminate contamination of water cycles.
  • Easy loading and unloading.
  • Individual solenoid valve for each washing sequence that eliminates carbon plate and other accessories reduces leakage and maintenance to a minimum..
  • Larger capability centrifugal pumps to wash bigger bottles (500 & 1000 ml).
  • The stationary nozzles avoid chipping of bottlenecks.
  • Pumps and tanks are mounted on a portable stand for easy maintenance.
  • Bottle guide system especially for the lightweight bottle.

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