Manual Capsule Filling Machine Manufacturer


Manual Capsule Filling Machine Manufacturer

Hand Oprated Capsule Filling Machine
Hand Oprated Capsule Filling Machine


Vitro Pharma Machine provides Manual Capsule Filling Machine which is designed for filling a wide variety of formulation which is suitable for all types of pharmaceutical industry such as research laboratories, academic institution and small manufacturing industries. This Manual Capsule Filling machine is simple to operate with no variation and used to fill powder in the form of slug in hard gelatin capsules. It is also known as Hand Operated Capsule Filling Machine

MODELS 100-200-300 HOLES GMP & STD

  • GMP : The machine is fully made out of stainless steel 304 quality except for hardening and Lubricant parts.
  • STD : All parts that come into contact with filling powder that is made out of stainless steel 304 quality and the UN contact part is made out of mild steel duly hard chrome plated.


  • 8000 capsule per/hour from 300 holes machine.
  • 4500 capsule per/hour from 200 holes machine.
  • 2000 capsule per/hour from 100 holes machine.


The machine is Manufactured to suit the accompanying case estimate blend 00/0/1/2 or 3/4 or 5.


  • Low investment
  • Benefit ration
  • Simple to operate and can be handled by UNskilled labor.


All the loading plates are made of s.s. 304 quality.

Easily dismantle and reassembled even by unskilled labor.


Machine 300 holes 200 holes
Length 405mm 365mm
Width 300mm 270mm
Height 455mm 380mm
Weight 40.00kg 26.00kg

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