Multi Mill


Multi Mill

Multi Mill


The Vitro Multimill is a portable self contained unit useful for high speed granulating pulverising, mixing, shreading chopping etc. of a wide range of dry and wet materials without any special attachment. This machine untilies the principle of variable force swing hammer blades having both knife and impact edges rotatiing within a carefully selected screen to control size. Flow path of material in vertical rotor machine is streamlined. During comminution, material entering the chamber travels to periphery and passes through the screen tangentially and radially avoiding chocking and temperature rise.


  • Beaters and shaft made from stainless steel.
  • Use of reversible switch to change the direction of Beaters.
  • Dynamically balanced Beaters assembly reduce vibration and noise level increasing bearing life.
  • Wide screen sizes match majorly all applications.
  • Conforms to general cGMP standards
  • All contact parts are made of SS 316 quality
  • Application

    Multi Mill is extensively used for pulverization of wet and dry granulation in various industries like Food products, Pharmaceuticals, Ceramics, Chemicals, Colors, Cosmetics, Dyestuff, etc.

    Multi Mill is also utilized in variety of Chemical industrial applications like Plastics and Resins Industries, Spices, Fertilizers, Detergents, Pesticides, Insecticides etc.

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