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Gelatin Holding Tank

Product Description

    Water bath type gelatin tank is a special equipment for melting gelatin and production process. The gelatin melting tank has the advantage of compact structure, stable transmission and stable running performance. The mixing/stirring process is operated through connecting loop coupling and is composed of plurality of split agitator with stable transmission and better homogenization effect. The whole body of the tank is made of stainless steel. The body include three layers, including the tank liner, heating jacket and heat preservation layer. Heating the inner of the tank with the circulation hot water, it will be featured by fast heating, good thermal insulation performance, improving the quality of gelatin, accelerating the gelatin melting and shorten the melting time. The liner is closed totally with very good vacuum performance. The feeding mouth is convenient o assemble and repair. The whole tank is very smooth and bright with features of convenient cleaning, anti-corrosion and anti-acid, etc. Gelatin melting tank adopts stainless steel construction for its whole body. During its working process, the machine will suck moisture from inside of the tank, leaving the vacuum. All these are in accordance with the requirement of GMP. So the gelatin melting tank is an ideal equipment for the soft capsule pharmaceutical line.






Melting gelatin(L)


Heating area(M2)


Max degree of Vacuum (Mpa)


Max Temperature (oC)


Motor Power (KW)


Stirring speed (r/min)


Dimension (mm)



    It's mainly for softgel making and paintball making enterprises. Besides, the cosmetic manufacturer also needs this to make cosmetics, such as bath beads. And health products manufacturers also need this to make different softgels for the different needs.

Competitive Advantage

  • Stainless steel construction, multi-layer stirrer.
  • Soft capsule gelatin melting tank, heated by circulated hot water.
  • Water sealed vacuum pump is adopted.
  • Designed with three stainless steel interlayer it, helps for accurate control of the temperature of medicine liquid.
  • It's convenient in installation and cleaning.

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