Rotocone Dryer


Rotocone Dryer

Rotocone Dryer


Vitro Pharma Machine provides Rotocone Dryer which is suitable for drying of materials that cannot resist high temperature, material.

The materials are easily oxidized and volatile which should be retrieved, materials strong irritant and poisonous in nature. Rotocone Dryer is made by improved technology which integrates during operation under vacuum.

Rotocone Dryer machine raised drying efficiency, low-temperature operation and economy of the process by total solvent recovery.


  • Rotocone Dryer consists of a stationary cylindrical shell and mounted horizontally.
  • Agitator blades mounted on a revolving central shaft stirs which strongly being treated.
  • In the case of Rotocone Dryer, the heat is supplied by circulation of steam, hot water or thermic fluid through the jacket and also via the hollow central shaft & agitator arms. This agitator must be helical ribbons or paddle type.
  • The sweeping blades promoted product connect with the heated walls of the dryer, facilitate mixing and gets maximum mixing and heating action.
  • The hollow shaft and the paddle arms considerably increase the heat transfer area and thus a high heat transfer coefficient is achieved.
  • Rotocone Dryer is applied via necessary filters, condenser, vacuum trap etc., by means of a water ring vacuum pump or any other vacuum system like ejectors etc. Products at the end of the drying cycle are discharged through a quick opening discharge port.

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