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Vitro Pharma Machinery specializes in the production, design, and maintenance of machinery for the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, confectionery and dairy industries. Recognized for its exceptional components and high quality engineering products, Vitro Pharma Machinery utilizes an extensive distribution network to provide effective customer support not only during the implementation phase but also post installation. Through the integration of superior components and profound engineering expertise, we offer customized solutions for the manufacturing of dairy products.

Product introduction:

Dairy machinery plays a significant role in the dairy industry, enabling efficient and hygienic processing of milk and production of various dairy products. It is essential for dairy producers to choose reliable and high quality machinery, regularly maintain and clean the equipment and ensure operators are trained to operate and maintain them properly.

Some features related to dairy machinery can be explained as follows:

  • Milk processing equipment: Milk processing machinery is used to handle raw milk and transform it into various dairy products. These machines help remove impurities, standardize milk composition, separate cream and ensure product safety.
  • Cheese making equipment: Cheese making machinery facilitates the production of different types of cheese. These machines assist in curdling milk, shaping cheese and providing controlled conditions for aging.
  • Yogurt production equipment: Yogurt production machinery is used to ferment milk and produce yogurt. These machines enable precise control of fermentation temperature,ensuring the desired flavor and consistency of yogurt products.
  • Butter production equipment: Butter production machinery assists in the processing of cream and oils to produce butter products. These machines help in the separation of cream from milk, churning cream into butter .
  • Ice cream production equipment: Ice cream production machinery is used to mix, pasteurize and freeze ice cream mixtures. It includes mixers, ice cream freezers, fruit feeders and packaging machines. These machines ensure efficient blending of ingredients, controlled freezing and packaging of ice cream products.
  • Milk powder production equipment: Milk powder production machinery is used to evaporate and dry milk to produce milk powder. It includes evaporators, spray dryers and milk powder packaging machines. These machines help in the concentration of milk by removing water and converting it into powdered form.
  • Milk storage and transportation equipment: Milk storage and transportation machinery includes milk storage tanks and milk transportation trucks.These machines ensure proper storage, preservation and transportation of milk to processing plants or dairy products distribution centers.
  • Cleaning and sanitation equipment: Maintaining hygiene in dairy processing facilities is crucial. These machines help in the thorough cleaning and sanitation of equipment and facilities to prevent contamination and ensure product safety.

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