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VITRO group of companies engaged in Design, Manufacturer, Market & Servicing of all kinds of Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food, Confectionery & Dairy industries.

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Vitro has achieved it`s Goodwill through it`s Proven Performance and Quality of outcome that our Products Give.

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“Reliability is a Precondition of TRUST” and that`s what we have built from the years of experience in the industry. Which you will see happening for generations.


The reason behind the Competitive advantage of our products is the experts that carry out all the work of DESIGNING, MANUFACTURING, TESTING AND FABRICATION.


“QUALITY IS NOT AN ACT ITS AN HABIT” that`s what we have learned from the years of experience which perfectly implemented that results in happy customer.

“ A vision without a strategy remains an illusion.”

To acquire our VISION of serving the best in industry, we have our own strategy to DESIGN and MANUFACTURE our products which result in the approving outcome.

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We serve all Industries

Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical industry is increasing day by day with the increasing competition its hard to sustain in the market. VITRO MANUFACTURE`S and DESIGN`S all type of pharmaceutical MACHINERIES with the promise of delivering the top notch quality which offers an amazing COMPETITIVE advantages to sustain in today`s market.

Cosmetics Industry

Cosmetics industry is one of the consistently growing industry with consistently growing rate of demand. We here at Vitro have designed some amazing machines to fulfill the needs of the growing market.  Our machines promise great rate of production with remarkable quality.  

Food Industry

The food industry is a complex, global collective of diverse businesses that supplies most of the food consumed by the world’s population. The rate demand needs to me the rate of supply but as the quality is being ignored we decided to make some amazing machineries with immense potential to satisfy our CUSTOMER.

Chemical Industry

 Central to the modern world economy, it converts raw materials into more than 70,000 different products. Chemical Industry has immense potential in it and to meet that potential we have designed and manufactured some amazing Chemical Industry machines which offers some great productivity speed and quality at the same time. 

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Beverage & Winery Machines

Our Beverage and Winery Lineup provides you Washers, Fillers, Dryers and much more. The
impeccable Design and Quality will definitely give keep you apart from the market.

Chemical Plant & Machinery

Our Chemical Plant section consist of products like Heat Exchanger and Reactor. The built quality of our chemical lineup products gives you competitive advantage.

Liquid & Dairy Machines

In our liquid and dairy lineup we have designed and manufactured all sorts of machine that are required to manufacture Liquid & Dairy products.

Machines for Capsules

Our Capsule Machine lineup consists of all sorts of Machine required in Capsule production. Our Expertly Designed and Manufactured Capsule Machines guarantees a competitive advantage.

Machines for Tablet

We DESIGN and MANUFACTURE all types of tablet manufacturing machines that with some good amount of performance. We got wide range of Tablet Machines.

Ointment Machines

Our Ointment machines designed by VITRO experts to give you top notch outcome. Multiple types of Ointment Machines are available for multiple uses.

Injectable Machines

Form Vial Sterilizer to Vial Filler , Vitro Experts have designed and manufactured multiple Machines for multiple purposes in our Injectable Section.

Soft Gel Machines

Vitro`s experts have designed and manufactured some top notch quality Soft Gel Machines. Vitro have sorts Soft Gel Machines are available.


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