Vacuum Tray Dryer

Key Features 

  • All stainless steel 304 / 316 / 316L cGMP or mild steel externals with stainless steel internals (vapor and product contact parts).
  • Hollow pad type heating shelves which are easily removable for maintenance.
  • Condenser and condensate receiver fitted on the dryer body or stand alone for remote installation.
  • Fully welded skirt on vacuum dryer body for flush mounting through the wall.
  • External insulation of dryer with protective panels in stainless steel or mild steel powder coated.
  • Dedicated fluid heating and circulating systems. These can be steam or electrically heated. Fluid heating systems are available for water as well as thermic fluid ( for temperature requirements above 95 degree centigrade ).
  • Validation ports and nitrogen purge nozzles.
  • Can be designed to customers specific requirements.
  • Steam sterilizer models available.
  • Double door loading available for larger models.


Tray size is 16 x 32 x 1.25 (h) inches Tray volume is 10 liters Tray height can be increased to a maximum of 2 inches Center to center distance between any two shelves is 4 inches.


Model Capacity in Trays No. of Shelves Dummy Shelves Trays per Shelf
VTD6 6 6 1 1
VTD12 12 6 1 2
VTD18 18 6 1 3
VTD24 24 8 1 3
VTD48 48 16 1 3
VTD96 96 16 1 3

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