Steam Sterilizer -(Table Top Model)

Product Description 

Vitro`s inhouse designed and manufactured Pressurised Steam Sterilizer has a compact design which is surprisingly simple to operate, table – top autoclave for sterilization of linen, glass ware, syringes, instruments etc. It is mainly intended for use in doctors and dentists surgeries, out patient clinics, laboratories, & hospital wards. Some of the internationally accepted combinations of temperature and time for sterilization are :-

  1. 1. 118°C HELD FOR 30 MINUTES.
  2. 2. 124°C HELD FOR 15 MINUTES.
  3. 3. 129°C HELD FOR 10 MINUTES.

Construction Features

As the customers satisfaction and quality is our concern we have built the chamber`s Back plate and door from tested 304 grade of stainless steel. Radial arm locking arrangement is of high tensile steel for maximum safety of the door.

Electricity Utilization

  • Power Supply – 3 Phase 440 Volts 50 Hz (single-phase 220 volts can also be provided.
  • Power Requirement – 3 kW.

Competitive Advantage


  • A low water protector unit is incorporated in the steam generator, whereby if the water does not cover the electric heaters the electric current is cut off and the heaters are not damaged.
  • A pressure switch is also provided in the electrical circuit, whereby the temperature in the chamber is maintained within 1°C.
  • A pressure gauge and dial thermometer are also provided.
  • A sensitive safety valve is provided to ensure added safety.
  • The radial arm locking arrangement ensures maximum safety and ease of operation.
  • Two stainless steel trays are provided with sterilizer as standard accessories.

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