Sigma Mixer

Product Description 

Vitro`s inhouse designed and manufactured SIGMA MIXER consist of “W” shaped container which is either made up of Mild Steel or Stainless Steel 304 or 316 with jacket of Carbon Steel which covers two side for heating or cooling purpose & dust free cover to get Vacuum if desired or normal cover. The mixing elements (Blades) are of Sigma type Steel casted and duly finished two in number which contra rotate inward fitted at close or specified clearance with the container to give thorough and uniform mixing. There is a Gland pusher of Gun Metal Bush which ensure minimal friction and extend the life of mixing elements (Blades) Shaft.


To attain great efficiency at production process we designed and manufactured our machine in such a way that it consists of TEFC Or TEFC Flameproof of Specified HP.1 440 RPM motor, Reduction Gear Box Of Reputed Make having suitable size and ratio, Spur Gears, are also provided of adequate size and having machine cut teeth, between the front and rear blade complete with guard suitable for grease lubrication.


Experts at Vitro have taken relentless efforts to designa and manufacture a ideal SIGMA MIXERS which will have application to process both gluey and highly Viscous material in various industries viz. Adhesives, Broke lining, Chemical, Confectionery,Carbon Black, Ceramic, Dyes & Pigments, Food Products, Fiber Glass, Grease, Lead Storage Battery, Magnetic Tape Coatings, Paint, Polymers Plastic, Putties, Plastic, Pharmaceuticals, Printing ink, Resin, Rubber, Soap & Detergent etc.


Model Working Capacity (Ltrs) BRIM Motor Hp
SS-01 10 15 1
SS-2.5 25 40 3
SS-5 50 80 5
SS-7.5 75 110 7.5
SS-10 100 150 10
SS-15 150 200 15
SS-20 200 300 20
SS-40 400 550 550
SS-50 500 750 40
SS-75 750 1150 50
SS-100 1000 1500 60
SS-150 1500 2100 75
SS-200 2000 2600 80
SS-300 3000 3800 100

Other Components

The complete Mixer is Mounted on Steel Fabricated stand of suitable strength to withstand the vibration and give noise free performance.


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