Semi Auto Microdosing / Powder Filling Machine

Product Description 

This is our table top machine that has been rated ideal for microdosing sterile dry powders and external dry syrup filling. The design is unique and extremely functional unlike any other machine. The equipment is simple to operate,offers easily moveablity and have compact design. This machine delivers optimum production with minimum weight variation. This machine is suitable for filling 100 mg. to 75 gms. with interchangeable parts. On request this machine can be Manufacturerd to fill 75gms. to 150 gms.


It`s versatile design , offers you microdosing and dry syrup powder filling Pre-set revolution control with digital display for quick setting for filling  weight with Instant braking mechanism for precise fill weight Powder level maintaining system for maintaining constant level of powder to facilitate minimum weight variation Weight variation ±2% max normally within 1% Quick interchangeability in minutes for changeover of products.

Due to the all electric operation even unskilled labour can operate the machine by provided count number of fills.All contact parts made of stainless steel for better GMP Compact and easily moveable from place to place

To maintain optimum output the machine is supplied in the following weight combinations for which interchangeable parts are supplied at extra cost

Technical Specifications

Technical Details
100 mg to 1 gm 5 gms to 15 gms 50 gms to 75 gms 75 to 150 Gms can be supplied with Larger Hopper and Dosing Chamber
1 gm to 3 gms 15 gms to 30 gms
3 gms to 5 gms 30 gms to 50 gms


It’s widely used for pharmaceutical, dairy foods and fine chemical industry products. It’s oftenly used together with the paintball or soft capsule encapsulation machine to manufacture beautiful paintballs or soft capsules.


  • 0.5 H.P. Motor (Supplied with 440 V 3 phase or 220 V Single phase or as per customer’s requirement).
  • Electro magnetic clutch/brake combination unit with 24 V. D.C. Supply
  • Feed motor with 1 2 V. D.C. Supply
  • Stirrer geared motor with 220 V single phase

Output for dosing the pre-set counts 

  • 30 – 35 FILLS /MIN. for Microdosing dry powder injectables.
  • 25 – 30 FILLS / MIN. for Dry Syrups and other powders.


  • 35″(W) x 25″(D) x 47″(H).
  • Weight : 1 60 Kgs. approx.
  • Gross weight : 230 Kgs. approx.

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