Rotary Vaccumetric Filling Machine


  1. Model based on advanced synchronized technology.
  2.  Single Operator for Two Operations.
  3.  Dependable high production performance with in-built safety factors for long term reliable operation.
  4.  Less Floor Area – as immediate sealing of filed bottles.
  5.  Accuracy depends on bottle size.
  6.  Centralized Volume Adjustment System – no down time in volume settings.
  7.  No container No Fill for Individual head & hence no spillages.
  8.  Cap Feeder settled main head which is suitable for operating.
  9.  Sensor for no cap in chute – Machine stops.
  10.  Better finish polished, S.S. 304 sheer used.
  11.  Synchronize conveyor drive which is automatically suit with machine speed.
  12.  Electronic budge indicate liquid level in vacuum tank if overflow additional sensor – provided on Cap Chute to avoid damage of caps during rotation.
  13.  All the content part from S.S. 316 material.
  14.  Machine speed control by AC varies Speed Drive system.

Technical Specifications

Values Units
Head 24 X 8 Inches
Max. Output/Hour 4000 to 12000 pieces/hr. (2200 liter filling/hr)
Input Specification 30mm to 90mm diameter, 100 mm to 300mm height
Machine 2650mm L x 1600mm W x 2200 mm H
Filling Capacity 100ml to 750ml
Power Rating 3 HP for main drive, ½ HP for Orienting & 2 HP
Power Required 415 Volt, 3 Phase, 50 hz. 5 core wire system
Machine Weight 2500 Kgs Approx

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