Soft Gel Plant & Machine

Colloid Mill

All major working parts of mill are made from high quality stainless steel and free from corrosion and poison, Major parts like rotator and stator, are made by advanced technology and excellent processing.

Gelatin Holding Tank

Vitro`s experts have take relentless efforts to design and manufacture a Water bath type gelatin tank which is a special equipment for melting gelatin and production process.

GelatinService Tank

Experts at Vitro have installed three inner layers, heating layer and thermal insulation layer, and all layers adopt SS 304 as material; The equipment has been mirror polished both inside and outside, so there is no dead angle during cleaning process

Mixing Tank

It’s widely used for pharmaceutical, dairy foods and fine chemical industry products. It’s oftenly used together with the paintball or soft capsule encapsulation machine to manufacture beautiful paintballs or soft capsules.

Soft Gel Capsule / Soft Gel Drying Machine

Drying tumbler for soft capsule, drying tumbler for paintballs, soft capsule dryer, paintball dryer, paintball drying machine, soft capsule /softgel drying machine.

Soft Gel Encapsulation Machine

VPM-4 Soft Capsule (Softgel) and paintball Tumble dryer is used to predry and initial shaping of soft capsule (softgel) and paintballs. VPM-4 Soft Capsule (Softgel) and paintball Tumble dryer adopts a new rolling cage type dryer.

Soft Gel Drying Tray

Vitro`s inhouse designed and manufactured softgel drying trays are made by high quality food grade PE material,reasonable design and easy to stack up. Besides, our drying trays own these advantages.

VItro Gelatin Cooker

Mixing tank is used for multiple purposes like mixing medicine, fill material or medicine or to make the material more smoother. Vitro`s experts have make our mixing tank just unlike any other gelatin service tank.


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