Linear Bottle Washing Machine


Vitro experts have designed a three-cycle rinsing enables multiple wash cycles such as fresh water wash, de-materialized water wash etc. to meet the rinsing requirement of bottle. As the quality matters we have made SS pumps so all the water contact parts are made of SS 316 on a heavy base of SS structure. In tunnel design is such that separation is maintained between feeding zone and discharge zone of the cleaned containers. All the mechanical drives are separated and isolated from the washing zone. Approved materials only are used for construction, together with a careful choice of components, thereby taking in to consideration all aspects of sanitation and consequence complying with the pharmaceutical G.M.P. requirements. The quality of rinsing is ensured through 3 sets of inner and 2 sets of outer nozzles accurately placed to direct the jet at center of the bottle and the bottle comes out with water totally drained with minimum droplets of water.


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