Contra Rotary Mixer

Product Description 

Vitro is engaged in the manufacturing of Contra Rotary Mixer which is mainly used for the manufacturing of ointments, lotions and creams. As the quality and customer satisfaction is our concern we have installed double Contra Rotary Blades that create a laminar thinning of the material to ensure uniform mixing.

Vitro`s Contra Mixer is complemented with these following features.

  • Vacuum Operated.
  • Agitated.
  • Jacketed suitable for Steam heating.

Experts at Vitro took relentless efforts to design and manufacture this Contra Rotary Mixer which is perfect to withstand the vacuum created during the process of mixing. Further, these also eliminate air entrapment to prevent the foaming agent from forming suds. Mixer is provided with jacket for cooling or heating as per the application.

Due to the quality we served and goodwill we achieved we are proud Manufacturer, Supplier and exporter of Contra Rotary Mixture.


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