Automatic Rotary Bottle Washer :



On the machine`s conveyor belt bottles are loaded automatically from machines`s inbuilt slat, then after bottles are unloaded after rinsing is done automatically at the out feed end of conveyor. For rinsing, machine picks up the bottles by picking up their heads, which is supported by carousel that turns and makes the grip level on a fixed helical guide of the bottle. In this way machine turns the bottles upside down to get their openings at the bottom to coincide with spray nozzle. Once the rinsing is done, machine turns the back to up right position during the rotary motion and carries the bottle to the out feed conveyor belt.

              Both inside and outside of surface of the bottle can be rinsed and single or twin cycle rinsing can be incorporated in the machine. Machine can either be used for rinsing bottles with waterjet or by the airjet which can be executed accordingly to meet the specific cleaning requirements. The productivity rate of the machine can be set upto 40 – 240 BPM which can be also used for GLASS/PET/PVC bottles etc. Different shapes and sizes of bottles will need     additional configurations and change in parts. 



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