Beverage & Winery Machines

Automatic Rotary Bottle Washing Machine

On the machine`s conveyor belt bottles are loaded automatically from machines`s inbuilt slat, then after bottles are unloaded after rinsing is done automaticallyat the out feed end of conveyor

Mono Block Vacuum Filter

‘Monoblock Vacuum Filler’ is the incorporation of our Rotary ROPP Cap Sealer & Rotary Vacuum Level Filler.

Rotary Vacuumetric Filling Machine

Experts at Vitro have inhouesly designed and manufactured a advance synchronized technology. 

Semi Automatic Vacuum Filler

Vitro`s Vacuum Filler is a Rotary Level Filler which works on vacuum principle and maintains exact level while filling particular size and adjustment. It is used for filling only Non-Carbonated Liquids.

Linear Bottle Washing Machine

Vitro experts have designed a three-cycle rinsing enables multiple wash cycles such as fresh water wash, de-materialized water wash etc. to meet the rinsing requirement of bottle.

Tunnel Type Bottle Washer

Vitro has designed a fully automatic Bottle Warmer and Washer which can be used for warming cold filled carbonated soft drinks in PET bottles of sizes 500ml


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