Air Tray Dryer

Product Description 

As quality and customer satisfaction is our concern we have designed and manufactured our Air Tray Dryer from a superior quality material and have also made it user friendly in which you get  Drying ovens that are electrically heated and thermostatically controlled. Which comes with fitted timer to facilitate working day and night to get tremendous amount of efficiency at production. Dryers are well accepted for fast economical drying of powders, bottles, & other materials.

Air Circulation

Experts at Vitro took relentless efforts to design and manufacture this Air Circulating Machine inhously which is highly effective recirculating air system which is provided with the machine itself. The filtered air, heated electrically, is re-circulated with fresh air in selected proportions for optimum drying. Uniform air circulation, controlled temperature, sturdy construction and large working space are the valuables of the oven which is suitably designed to cover wide temperature range. Loading and unloading is faster and simple. In higher capacities trays trolley rolls in and out of the chamber. For continuous operation a spare trolley can be had for loading while the drying cycle is taking place.


Vitro`s Drying oven is fabricated from a rigid angle iron frame with double walled panels insulated with best quality compressed fiber glass and with a rigid door fitted with strong things and best chosen locking arrangement. A control is fixed in front of the oven to facilitate the operation easily. It has a large working space and is available in good finishing in synthetic enamel color. Inner walls are painted with heat resistant paint to resist temperature up to 300 degree.

Temperature Controller 

Dial thermometer and a thermostat/digital temp controller with time switch are supplied to facilitate working day and night.


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